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Download the Fillable Forms Instruction sheet

Form ID Form Name Fillable Form Word Document
2.1 A Notice that Proceeding (or Motion) may be Stayed or Dismissed   2.1 A Document
4 A General Heading of Documents - Actions   4 A Document
4 B General Heading of Documents - Applications   4 B Document
4 C Backsheet (Supreme Court) 4 C Form - Supreme  4 C Document - Supreme
4 C Backsheet (Court of Appeal) 4 C Form - Appeal  4 C Document - Appeal 
4 D Affidavit 4 D Form  4 D Document
4 E Requisition   4 E Document
4 F Notice of Constitutional Question   4 F Document
7 A Request for Appointment of Litigation Guardian   7 A Document
7 B Order to Continue (Minor Reaching Age of Majority)   7 B Document
8 A Notice to Alleged Partner   8 A Document
11 A Order to Continue (Transfer or Transmission of Interest)   11 A Document
14 A Statement of Claim (General) 14 A Form  14 A Document
14 B Statement of Claim (Mortgage Action)   14 B Document
14 C Notice of Action 14 C Form  14 C Document
14 D Statement of Claim (Action Commenced by Notice of Action) 14 D Form  14 D Document
14 E Notice of Application 14 E Form  14 E Document
14 F Information for Court Use   14 F Document
15A Notice of Change of Solicitors 15 A Form  15 A Document
15B Notice of Appointment of Solicitor 15 B Form  15 B Document
15C Notice of Intention to Act in Person 15 C Form  15 C Document
16A Acknowledgement of Receipt Card 16 A Form  16 A Document
16A.1 Designation of Address for Service 16 A.1 Form  16 A.1 Document
16B Affidavit of Service 16 B Form  16 B Document
16C Certificate of Service by Sheriff 16 C Form  16 C Document
16D Certificate of Service to Designated Address 16 D Form  16 D Document
17A Request for Service Abroad of Judicial or Extrajudicial Documents   17 A Document
17B Summary of the Document to be Served   17 B Document
17C Notice and Summary of Document   17 C Document
18A Statement of Defence 18 A Form  18 A Document
18B Notice of Intent to Defend 18 B Form  18 B Document
19A Note of Default 19 A Form  19 A Document
19B Default Judgment (Debt or Liquidated Demand) 19 B Form  19 B Document
19C Default Judgment (Recovery of Possession of Land)   19 C Document
19D Default Judgment (Recovery of Possession of Personal Property)   19 D Document
19 E Requisition for Default Judgment 19 E Form  19 E Document
22A Special Case   22 A Document
23A Notice of Discontinuance 23 A Form  23 A Document
23B Notice of Election to Proceed with Counterclaim   23 B Document
23C Notice of Withdrawal of Defence 23 C Form  23 C Document
25A Reply 25 A Form  25 A Document
27A Counterclaim (Against Parties to Main Action Only) 27 A Form  27 A Document
27B Counterclaim (Against Plaintiff and Person not already Party to Main Action) 27 B Form  27 B Document
27C Defence to Counterclaim 27 C Form  27 C Document
27D Reply to Defence to Counterclaim 27 D Form  27 D Document
28A Crossclaim 28 A Form  28 A Document
28B Defence to Crossclaim 28 B Form  28 B Document
28C Reply to Defence to Crossclaim 28 C Form  28 C Document
29A Third Party Claim 29 A Form  29 A Document
29B Third Party Defence 29 B Form  29 B Document
29C Reply to Third Party Defence 29 C Form  29 C Document
30A Affidavit of Documents (Individual) 30 A Form  30 A Document
30B Affidavit of Documents (Corporation or Partnership)   30 B Document
30C Request to Inspect Documents   30 C Document
31A Order Granting Leave to Discover A Person Who is not a Party   31 A Document
31B Notice of Examination   31 B Document
34A Notice of Examination   34 A Document
34B Summons to Witness (Examination out of Court)   34 B Document
34C Commission   34 C Document
34D Letter of Request   34 D Document
34E Order for Commission and Letter of Request   34 E Document 
35A Questions on Written Examination for Discovery   35 A Document
35B Answers on Written Examination for Discovery   35 B Document
37A Notice of Motion 37 A Form  37 A Document
38A Notice of Appearance 38 A Form  38 A Document
42A Certificate of Pending Litigation 42 A Form  42 A Document
43A Interpleader Order - General   43 A Document
43B Interpleader Order - Motion by Sheriff   43 B Document
44A Bond - Interim Recovery of Personal Property   44 A Document
47A Jury Notice   47 A Document
48A Request for Trial Date   48 A Document
48B Lawyer's Certificate   48 B Document
48BB Notice of Trial   48 BB Document
48C Notice of Status Hearing   48 C Document
48D Order Dismissing Action for Delay   48 D Document
49A Offer to Settle 49 A Form  49 A Document
49B Notice of Withdrawal of Offer 49 B Form  49 B Document
49C Acceptance of Offer 49 C Form  49 C Document
49D Offer to Contribute   49 D Document
50A Pre-trial Conference Memorandum 50 A Form  50 A Document
51A Request to Admit   51 A Document
51B Response to Request to Admit   51 B Document
53A Summons to Witness (At Hearing) 53 A Form  53 A Document
53B Warrant for Arrest (Defaulting Witness)   53 B Document
53C Summons to a Witness Outside Prince Edward Island   53 C Document
53D Order for Attendance of Witness in Custody   53 D Document
53E Acknowledgment of Expert's Duty   53 E Document
55A Notice of Hearing for Directions   55 A Document
55B Notice to Party Added on Reference   55 B Document
55C Report on Reference (Administration of Estate)   55 C Document
55D Notice of Contested Claim   55 D Document
55E Notice to Creditor   55 E Document
55F Conditions of Sale   55 F Document
55G Interim Report on Sale   55 G Document
56A Order for Security for Costs   56 A Document
57A Submission on Costs 57A Form 57 A Document
57B Costs Outline   57 B Document
58A Notice of Appointment for Assessment of Costs   58 A Document
58B Notice to Deliver a Bill of Costs for Assessment   58 B Document
58C Application to have a Lawyer's Account Assessed 58C Form 58 C Document
58D Certificate of Assessment of Costs   58 D Document
59A Order 59 A Form  59 A Document
59B Judgment   59 B Document
59C Notice of Appointment to Settle Order   59 C Document
60A Writ of Execution   60 A Document
60B Writ of Sequestration   60 B Document
60C Writ of Possession   60 C Document
60D Writ of Delivery   60 D Document
60F Requisition for Garnishment 60 F Form  60 F Document
60G Notice of Garnishment 60 G Form  60 G Document
60H Garnishee's Statement 60 H Form  60 H Document
60H1 Notice of Co-Owner of the Debt   60 H1 Document
60I Notice of Termination of Garnishment 60 I Form  60 I Document
60J Warrant for Arrest (Contempt)   60 J Document
60K Warrant of Committal   60 K Document
60L Notice of Claim   60 L Document
60M Sheriff's Report   60 M Document
60N Request to Withdraw a Writ   60 N Document
61A Notice of Appeal to the Court of Appeal 61 A Form  61 A Document
61B Title of Proceeding in Appeals to the Court of Appeal   61 B Document
61C Appellant's Certificate Respecting Evidence 61 C Form  61 C Document
61D Respondent's Certificate Respecting Evidence 61 D Form  61 D Document
61E Notice of Cross-Appeal 61 E Form  61 E Document
61F Supplementary Notice of Appeal or Cross-Appeal 61 F Form  61 F Document
61G Notice of Listing for Hearing (Appeal)   61 G Document
61H Certificate of Completeness of Appeal Book 61 H Form  61 H Document
61I Order Dismissing Appeal or Cross-Appeal for Delay   61 I Document
61J Order Dismissing Motion for Delay   61 J Document
61K Notice of Abandonment of Appeal or Cross-Appeal 61 K Form  61 K Document
61L Notice of Election to Proceed with Cross-Appeal 61 L Form  61 L Document
62A Notice of Appeal from Prothonotary's Order 62 A Form  62 A Document
62B Order Dismissing Appeal For Delay   62 B Document
63A Certificate of Stay   63 A Document
64A Request to Redeem   64 A Document
64B Default Judgment for Foreclosure with a Reference   64 B Document
64C Default Judgment for Immediate Foreclosure   64 C Document
64D Default Judgment for Foreclosure Without a Reference   64 D Document
64E Final Order of Foreclosure   64 E Document
64F Request for Sale   64 F Document
64G Default Judgment for Sale with a Redemption Period (Action Converted from Foreclosure to Sale)   64 G Document
64H Default Judgment for Immediate Sale (Action Converted from Foreclosure to Sale)   64 H Document
64I Default Judgment for Sale Conditional on Proof of Claim (Action Converted from Foreclosure to Sale)   64 I Document
64J Default Judgment for Immediate Sale   64 J Document
64K  Default Judgment for Sale with a Redemption Period   64 K Document
64L Final Order for Sale   64 L Document
64M Default Judgment for Redemption   64 M Document
64N Notice of Reference to Subsequent Encumbrancer Added on Reference   64 N Document
64O Notice of Reference to Subsequent Encumbrancer Named as Original Party   64 O Document
64P Notice of Reference to Original Defendants   64 P Document
64Q Notice to Added Defendant Having Interest in Equity   64 Q Document
65A Petition for Probate 65 A Form  65 A Document
65B Petition for Grant of Administration with the Will Annexed 65 B Form  65 B Document
65C Petition for Grant of Administration 65 C Form  65 C Document
65D Executor's Oath 65 D Form  65 D Document
65E Inventory of Estate 65 E Form  65 E Document
65F Proof of Will 65 F Form  65 F Document
65G Proof of Codicil 65 G Form  65 G Document
65H Affidavit of Administration with Will Annexed 65 H Form  65 H Document
65I Administrator's Oath 65 I Form  65 I Document
65J Nomination of Administration 65 J Form  65 J Document
65K Renunciation of Probate or of Administration with the Will Annexed 65 K Form  65 K Document
65L Renunciation of Administration 65 L Form  65 L Document
65M Bond of Ordinary Administration 65 M Form  65 M Document
65N Administration Bond with Will Annexed   65 N Document
65O Administration Bond of Property Unadministered   65 O Document
65P Administration Bond with Will Annexed of Property Unadministered   65 P Document
65Q Justification of Sureties 65 Q Form  65 Q Document
65R Bond on Appeal   65 R Document
65S Affidavit of Execution of Bond 65 S Form  65 S Document
65T Affidavit of Justification by Sureties   65 T Document
65U Letters Probate   65 U Document
65V Letters of Administration 65 V Form  65 V Document
65W Letters of Administration with the Will Annexed   65 W Document
65X Notice of Having Interest   65 X Document
65Y Certificate of Letters Probate   65 Y Document
65Z Certificate of Letters of Administration   65 Z Document
65AA Warrant of Guardianship   65 AA Document
65BB Order Appointing Guardian ad Litem   65 BB Document
65CC Caveat Against Executor   65 CC Document
65DD Notice to Proceed   65 DD Document
65EE Caveat Seeking Proof in Solemn Form   65 EE Document
65FF Citation to Parties on Proof in Solemn Form   65 FF Document
65GG Affidavit to Accompany Caveat   65 GG Document
65HH Warning to Caveator   65 HH Document
65II Notice of Contest   65 II Document
65JJ Subpoena   65 JJ Document
65KK Citation to Pass Accounts   65 KK Document
65LL Citation to Bring in a Testamentary Paper   65 LL Document
65MM Citation to Accept or Refuse Probate   65 MM Document
65NN Citation to Accept or Refuse Administration   65 NN Document
65OO Citation to Bring in Grant Where Revocation is Sought   65 OO Document
65PP Intervention   65 PP Document
65QQ Affidavit of Intervention   65 QQ Document
65RR Application for Letters of Guardianship by one of the Next of Kin of Infant Children   65 RR Document
65SS Election by Minors of a Guardian   65 SS Document
65TT Oath of Guardian   65 TT Document
65UU Bond to be Given by Guardians   65 UU Document
65VV Affidavit of Justification of Sureties   65 VV Document
65WW Petition to Pass Accounts, Etc.   65 WW Document
65XX Affidavit Verifying Accounts   65 XX Document
65YY Nomination by Foreign Administrator of Administrator for Estate in Prince Edward Island   65 YY Document
65ZZ Decree on Passing Accounts   65 ZZ Document
65AAA Inventory On Passing Accounts   65 AAA Document
65BBB Petition for Proof in Solemn Form (Propounder)   65 BBB Document
65CCC Petition for Proof in Solemn Form (Caveator)   65 CCC Document
65DDD Caveat   65 DDD Document
66A Judgment for Partition or Sale   66 A Document
68A Notice of Application for Judicial Review 68 A Form  68 A Document
68B Certificate of Perfection   68 B Document
68C Order Dismissing Application for Judicial Review   68 C Document
68D Notice of Listing for hearing (Judicial Review)   68 D Document
70A Petition for Divorce 70 A Form  70 A Document
70A* Joint Petition for Divorce 70 A* Form  70 A Document
70B Counterpetition (Against Petitioner and Person not Already Party to Main Action) 70 B Form  70 B Document
70B* Counterpetition (Against Parties to Main Action Only) 70 B* Form  70 B2 Document
70 AA Notice of Pre-Motion Conference 70 AA Form  70 AA Document
70 BB Pre-Motion Conference Memorandum 70 BB Form  70 BB Document
70 BB.1 Contact Orders Only Pre-Motion Conference Memorandum 70 BB.1 Form  70 BB.1 Document
70C Advertisement 70 C Form  70 C Document
70 CC Request for Conversion   70 CC Document
70D Answer   70 D Document
70 DD Notice to Respondent   70 DD Document
70E Reply (Divorce) 70 E Form  70 E Document
70EE Notice of Hearing   70 EE Document
70F Answer to Counterpetition 70 F Form  70 F Document
70G Reply to Answer to Counterpetition 70 G Form  70 G Document
70H Notice of Intent to Defend (Divorce) 70 H Form  70 H Document
70 I(A)  Statement of Income 70 I(A) Form  70 I(A) Document
70 I(B) Statement of Expenses 70 I(B) Form  70 I(B) Document
70 I(C)  Statement of Special or Extraordinary Expenses 70 I(C) Form  70 I(C) Document
70 I(D)  Statement of Property 70 I(D) Form  70 I(D) Document
70J Waiver of Financial Statements   70 J Document
70M Director of Child Protection's Notice of Intention to Investigate and Report   70 M Document
70N Waiver of Right to Dispute Director of Child Protection's Report   70 N Document
70O Requisition to Note Default and Notice of Motion for Judgment 70 O Form  70 O Document
70P Petitioner's Affidavit on Motion for Judgment 70 P Form  70 P Document
70Q Respondent's Affidavit on Motion for Judgment 70 Q Form  70 Q Document
70R Registrar's Certificate   70 R Document
70S Divorce Judgment   70 S Document
70T Certificate of Divorce   70 T Document
70U Requisition for Certificate of Divorce   70 U Document
70V Affidavit   70 V Document
71A Warrant for Arrest (Family Law)   71 A Document
71B Recognizance   71 B Document
71E Summons to Provide Evidence for an Extra-Provincial Tribunal   71 E Document
72A Notice of Payment into Court   72 A Document
72B Affidavit (Motion for Payment out of Court)   72 B Document
72C Stop Order   72 C Document
73A Notice of Application for Registration of United Kingdom Judgment   73 A Document
75A Notice of Non-acceptance of Quick Ruling   75 A Document
75B Judgment on Quick Ruling   75 B Document
75.1A Notice Whether Action Under Rule 75.1   75.1 A Document
75.1B Simplified Procedure Motion Form   75.1 B Document
75.1C Trial Management Checklist   75.1 C Document
77.02A Petition   77.02 A Document
77.03A Endorsements to be made on the Petition   77.03 A Document
77.06A Title of Proceeding   77.06 A Document
77.13A Notice of Trial   77.13 A Document
77.20A Notice of Application for Leave to Withdraw Petition   77.20 A Document
77.20B Notice for Publication for Leave to Withdraw Petition   77.20 B Document
78.03A Endorsement to be made on the Petition   78.03 A Document
78.06A Title of Proceeding   78.06 A Document
78.14A Notice of Trial   78.14 A Document
78.22A Notice of Application for Leave to Withdraw Petition   78.22 A Document
79.03A Application for Reduction in Number of Years' Imprisonment Without Eligibility for Parole   79.03 A Document
79.04A Application Pursuant to Section 745 Criminal Code   79.04 A Document
81A Notice of Appeal by a Defendant 81 A Form  81 A Document
81B Notice of Appeal by a prosecutor or informant 81 B Form  81 B Document
81C Certificate of Court Reporter 81 C Form  81 C Document
82 Rule 82 and Forms 82A to 82J - French 82 Form  
82A Notice of Appeal (or Cross-Appeal) - to be used where Notice if Filed by Counsel on Behalf of Appellant   82 A Document
82B Notice of Appeal (or Cross-Appeal) - to be used where Appellant is not Represented by Counsel   82 B Document
82C Request for Transcript and Certificate of Appellant or Appellant's Counsel   82 C Document
82D Request for Further Portions of Transcript and Certificate   82 D Document
82E Certificate of Court Reporter   82 E Document
82F Certificate of Registrar   82 F Document
82G Notice of Abandonment of Appeal   82 G Document
82H Notice of Motion for the Assignment of Counsel   82 H Document
82I Affidavit on Motion for the Assignment of Counsel   82 I Document
82J Notice of Release from Custody   82 J Document
83A Application for Writ of Habeas Corp   83 A Document


Small Claims

Form ID Form Name Non-Fillable PDF Word Document
4A Consent to Act as Litigation Guardian 4A Form 4A Document
5A Notice to Alleged Partner 5A Form 5A Document
7A Statement of Claim 7A Form 7A Document
8A Designation of Address for Service 8A Form 8A Document
8B Affidavit of Service 8B Form 8B Document
9A Statement of Defence 9A Form 9A Document
10A Counterclaim 10A Form 10A Document
10B Crossclaim 10B Form 10B Document
10C Third Party Claim 10C Form 10C Document
11A Affidavit of Jurisdiction 11A Form 11A Document
11B Notice of Default Judgment 11B Form 11B Document
11C Notice of Default 11C Form 11C Document
12A Notice of Discontinuance 12A Form 12A Document
12B Notice of Change of Lawyer 12B Form 12B Document
12C Notice of Appointment Lawyer 12C Form 12C Document
12D Notice of Intention to Act in Person 12D Form 12D Document
13A List of Proposed Witnesses 13A Form 13A Document
13B Additional Documentation 13B Form 13B Document
14A Offer to Settle 14A Form 14A Document
14B Terms of Settlement 14B Form 14B Document
14C Acceptance of Offer Settle 14C Form 14C Document
14D Notice of Withdrawal of Offer to Settle 14D Form 14D Document
15A Notice of Motion 15A Form 15A Document
15B Affidavit 15B Form 15B Document 
16A Notice of Trial 16A Form 16A Document
18A Summons to Witness 18A Form 18A Document
18B Warrant for Arrest of Defaulting Witness 18B Form 18B Document
20A Certificate of Judgment 20A Form 20A Document
20B Writ of Delivery 20B Form 20B Document
20C Writ of Seizure and Sale of Personal Property 20C Form 20C Document
20D Writ of Seizure and Sale of Land 20D Form 20D Document
20E Notice of Garnishment 20E Form 20E Document
20F Garnishee's Statement 20F Form 20F Document
20G Notice to Co-owner of Debt 20G Form 20G Document
20J Affidavit for Enforcement Request 20J Form 20J  Document
20K Notice of Garnishment Hearing 20K Form 20K Document


Provincial Court

Form Name Non-Fillable PDF
Request for an Access Order Request for an Access Order Form 
Access Order for CD Access Order for CD Form 
Crown Counsel Undertaking CD Crown Counsel Undertaking CD Form 
Defence Counsel Undertaking CD Defence Counsel Undertaking CD Form