Staff of the Supreme Court

Sir Louis Henry Davis Law Courts

42 Water Street
P.O. Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

Staff Directory 
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Karen A. Rose

Heather Watts,
Administrative Assistant





Kerrilee MacConnell,
Court Services Manager



Beverly MacNeill
Estates Section Deputy Registrar

902-368-6004 902-368-0266

Elizabeth Murray,
Divorce Section Deputy Registrar
Family Section Deputy Registrar
Small Claims Deputy Registrar

902-368-6001 902-368-0266
Melissa Curran
General Section Deputy Registrar
902-368-6007 902-368-0266
Clerks of the Supreme Court      

Brooke O'Donnell,
Trial Coordinator

902-368-6023 902-368-6123

Nancy Cook,
Case Management Coordinator

902-368-6022 902-368-6123

Tamara Perry
Assistant to Chief Justice Tracey L. Clements

902-368-6039 902-368-6123
Tracy Larsen
Assistant to Chief Justice Tracey L. Clements
902-368-6469 902-368-6123

Jayden Donovan,
Assistant to Justice Gordon L. Campbell

902-368-6027 902-368-6123

Amy McAlduff
Assistant to Justice Nancy L. Key
Assistant to Justice Jonathan M. Coady

902-368-6596 902-368-6123

Glenda MacPhee,
Assistant to Justice Gregory A. Cann

902-368-6028 902-368-6123

Sandra Ripley,
Court Stenographer Supervisor
Assistant to Justice Terri A. MacPherson

902-368-4374 902-368-6123

Summerside Law Court
108 Central Street
Summerside, PE C1N 3L4

Connie Doucette 902-888-8187 902-888-8222

Shelley Nicholson,
Deputy Registrar