Court of Appeal Procedures and Practices


The Rules of Civil Procedure and Court of Appeal Practice Directions (PDF) contain information necessary in preparing for an appeal. 

The Court of Appeal Practice Directions contain information helpful to the media and information helpful to litigants who represent themselves in the Court of Appeal. 

There are two booklets which may provide assistance:

If you are a self-represented litigant, consult the Pro Bono Legal Advice Clinic for more information.

Criminal Procedure

The practice and procedure of the Court of Appeal is governed by legislation and the decisions of the Court.

Procedure in criminal matters is governed by the Criminal Code, and the Criminal Appeal Rule 82 (PDF).

Civil Procedure

Procedure in civil matters is governed by the Judicature Act, and the Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 61 of the Rules of Civil Procedure specifically governs appeals in civil cases. Particular attention should be paid to Rule 61 (PDF) and its forms.

Other statutes and rules may govern in specific situations, such as appeals and reviews from administrative bodies.

Use of Electronic Devices

Learn more about the use of electronic devices in the Court of Appeal.