Provincial Court Decisions

Many Canadian Court judgments are located on CanLII, a national legal information databank. It is a free service and easy to use.

Provincial Court judges often give oral (spoken) reasons at the end of a trial. If a written record of spoken reasons is required, a transcript of what the judge said can be obtained. A few of the decisions in CanLII are transcripts of spoken judgments. In cases where judges need more time to consider or explain a decision clearly, they will "reserve" judgment and draft written reasons. Most of the judgments published in law reports and on CanLII are written judgments.

Some of the Prince Edward Island  Provincial Court decisions have been transcribed and can be found here, listed by the year in which the decision was made. If there is a particular decision that you are interested in, but it is not listed, you can contact the Provincial Court to see if it has been transcribed.

Some of these decisions may have been appealed.  If appealed, the appeal decision can be found on CanLII. 

All decisions listed on this page are in PDF format.

R v. Skye View Farms, Alexander Docherty and Logan Docherty Charter Ruling June 26, 2019

R v. Nicholas McInnis sentencing decision May 4, 2018

R v. Jahanshahloo Decision October 12, 2018

R v. Brookfield Garden Inc Dec 11 2015

R v. Elliot Meschwitz and R v. Steven Bowley Feb 14. 2014

R v.Alexander Docherty and R v. Blake MacDonald Sept 27, 2013