Message from the Chief Justice of Prince Edward Island

Welcome from the Chief Justice of Prince Edward Island

Welcome to the Prince Edward Island all-courts website.  This facility provides members of the public with access to our justice system and provides us with opportunity to share with you information about our courts and judges at work.

Everyday, in courthouses and courtrooms in this province and across Canada, justice is at work.  Judges and court staff are dedicated to providing excellent and efficient service for the fair and just resolution of civil claims, criminal charges, and family disputes.  A primary objective is to protect and enhance respect for the rule of law and confidence in the courts and the judiciary.

As Chief Justice of Prince Edward Island, I have the honour of being the leader of the judicial branch of government, and being the presiding judge of the Court of Appeal.  Consistent with the concept of institutional independence of the judiciary and the courts, the Supreme Court and the Provincial Court are separate institutions, each presided over by their own chief justice or chief judge.  All chief judges and judges in our P.E.I. court system strive every day to dispense justice through independent, impartial, fair-minded, and courteous decision-making.

Our courts of justice provide a full range of judicial and court services.  The Provincial Court and the Supreme Court are courts of original jurisdiction.  The Court of Appeal is the province’s appeal court.  Its judicial complement is three judges.  Under our judicature legislation and practice, the Court of Appeal sits on appeals and on most motions as a panel of three judges.  We have a varied docket.  We hear appeals from decisions of the Supreme Court in all kinds of matters – trials, applications and motions in civil, family and divorce, estates, judicial review – from the Provincial Court in criminal matters, and from specialized tribunals – Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission, Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Health P.E.I., as well as references from the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council.

The Court of Appeal strives to provide high quality jurisprudence that is legally sound, responsive to issues raised, understandable, and consistent with legal precedents.  We seek to provide efficient and courteous service that is timely, from filing by a party of the notice of appeal that commences the appeal process through to delivery of our decision which concludes the appeal process.

We hope you find this website informative.  Most proceedings in the Court of Appeal are open to the public, and court decisions are generally published online.  We invite you as a member of the public to avail yourself to full access to this website, our Rules of Civil Procedure, Practice Directions, court decisions and generally to attend oral hearings in the Court of Appeal.

Honourable James W. Gormley
Chief Justice of Prince Edward Island