Practice Notes

Practice notes have been issued by the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court from time to time since the adoption of the Rules of Court which came into force on January 1, 1977. Former Chief Justice Nicholson issued a revision of the Practice Notes on April 15, 1985, and there have been many changes and additional ones issued since then.

The present Rules of Court were adopted and came into force on August 1, 1990, and many new Practice Notes have been issued since then. These Practice Notes were intended to help solve problems of procedure and interpretation of the Rules for the Bench and Bar.

Over the years some confusion has arisen over the text of these Practice Notes and the exact number which have been issued. In order to clarify any misunderstanding, the following revision of all Practice Notes has been approved and is expected to be followed. All old Practice Notes, though in some cases almost identical to the present Notes, should be discarded.

Members of the Bar should review and become familiar with these Practice Notes as it is expected they will be followed in all cases

Individual Notes

All Practice Notes below are in Adobe PDF format.

  1. Procedure on Opening and Closing
  2. Courtroom Decorum and Legal Etiquette
  3. Filing Documents
  4. Case Management - Pre-Trial Conference - General Division
  5. Case Management - Pre-Trial Conference
  6. Trial Division - Contested Chambers Practice
  7. Motions and Applications
  8. Relief Under the Divorce Act and the Family Law Act
  9. Uncontested Divorce Documents
  10. Evidence by Affidavit in Divorce Cases
  11. Trial Records - Rule 48.03
  12. Removal as Solicitor of Record
  13. Presence of Non-counsel at Counsel Table
  14. Highlighting and Referencing Authorities and Citations of PEI Cases
  15. Court Orders
  16. Motion to Vary or Extend Existing Orders
  17. Ex Parte Orders
  18. Interest
  19. Assessment of Costs by Prothonotary
  20. Security for Costs
  21. Deleted
  22. Transcripts and Tapes of Evidence
  23. Transcripts of Arguments
  24. Release of Judgments - Trial Division
  25. Estates Practice
  26. Trustees' Fees for the Care and Management of Trusts
  27. Quieting Titles Act
  28. Jurisdiction of Prothonotary
  29. Summary Conviction Appeal
  30. Change of Plea to Included or Other Offences
  31. Front Sheets
  32. General Topics
  33. General Topics
  34. Filing Electronic Versions of Material in the Appeal Division
  35. General Topics
  36. Uncontested Chambers Guidelines
  37. Re Rules 30.03(4) and 30.04
  38. Discretionary Publication Ban - Common Law or Statutory
  39. Release of Judgments - Court of Appeal
  40. Hague Convention Protocol
  41. Practice Note 41
    1. Form 70AA - Notice of Pre-Motion Conference
    2. Form 70BB - Pre-Motion Conference Memorandum
  42. The Use of Electronic Devices in Courtrooms of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island
  43. Courtroom Decorum - Pregnancy
  44. Introducing Evidence Containing High Potency Narcotics or Other Hazardous Substances
  45. Children's Lawyer
  46. COVID 19 - Filing Process
  47. Costs Guide