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Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal

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The Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal in conjunction with the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island would like to announce the commencement, Tuesday, February 7th, 2017, of a pilot project to provide free summary legal advice to self-represented litigants in the areas of family law and civil law.

The free summary legal advice clinic will be held each Tuesday from nine to twelve at the Sir Louis Henry Davies Law Courts, 42 Water Street, in Charlottetown.  Self-represented litigants will be able to meet with a volunteer lawyer in private for a 45-minute consultation.  The clinic will be by appointment only.  The advice and information is limited to civil and family law cases before the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island and the Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal.  Appointments may be made by contacting Kerrilee MacConnell at 902.368.6004, or Community Legal Information Association at 902.892.0853 or 1-800.240.9798.

The types of information and advice self-represented litigants may obtain include such things as:
  •   identification of legal issues;
  •   identification of strengths and weaknesses of your case and your opponent’s case;
  •   information concerning the Rules of Civil Procedure and court etiquette;
  •   advice as to how to fill out necessary court forms.

The lawyers who provide legal advice are doing so as volunteers on their own time and are all members of the Law Society of Prince Edward Island licensed to practice law in this province.

Mark L. Gallant
Acting Prothonotary

Justice Mitchell will finish his term as Chair of the Retired Judges Committee of the Canadian Superior Court Judges Association November 19th at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association.

In November 2016 Chief Justice Jenkins appeared in the UPEI Canadian Politics course (Prof. Desserud, 2nd year course in Canadian Studies Program) to help explain how the Canadian Judicial system works.

In November 2016, Chief Justice Jenkins participated on a judges’ panel during the National CBA Administrative Law, Labour Land and Employment Law Conference in Ottawa.

In October 2016, Chief Justice Jenkins made a presentation on Judicial Review in administrative law to the articled clerks during the annual Law Society of Prince Edward Island Bar Admission Course.

Justice Mitchell chaired a panel with Justice Elizabeth Bennett of the British Columbia Court of Appeal and David Schermbrucker of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada on Remedies in Criminal Law at the Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island Courts of Appeal Education Seminar September 29th.

Justice Murphy was recently presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for having served on the Board of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ).  Justice Murphy served three terms on the Board beginning in 2010.  She was a Co-chair of the Board’s Membership Committee for two terms. 

CIAJ is an organization which brings together and encourages exchanges among individuals and groups concerned with administration of justice issues. SaveSaveSaveSave
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